This is the front facia that mounts under the bumper.

Lancia Socrpion Front

So, we bought a shell off Ebay from Shaun F.

Lancia Socrpion Front Lancia Scropion Side View

Needs a little work, eh ?
So after a lot of cleanup, rust repair, sound deadening removal then it was time to send it to the media blaster.
We'll the media blaster did a great job. Holy smokes, look at all that bondo that was hiding under the paint !

Back From Media Blasting

Then after many hours of body work it was time to go to the painters.
Look closely you'll see a roll cage and relocated suspension pickup points.
On the trailer ready to go.

Time to go to the painter

Back from the painter. Now it feels like were getting somewhere.

Back from the painter

Making some more progress.

Making some progress Trunk View

And more..

Engine Compartment

And Done.

Lancia Scorpion Side View

OK, so it's never done. But this is where you can get to with a lot of time and a lot of money.
Now to make it faster !